The Not-Too-Early 2024 Goal-Setting Challenge

Nov 15 @ 9am PST

It’s time. Don’t wait until you’re at a New Year’s Eve party to make some lame resolution that you know you won’t keep.

The true winners take control and plan for their own success, and that starts with goal setting.

Join new home sales experts Jeff Shore and Amy O’Connor for a motivational, inspirational, and exceedingly tactical look at how to brainstorm, create and track your 2024 goals.

Time to get fired up for your best year ever!


In this webinar, Jeff Shore will show you exactly how to:

  • Brainstorm realistic goals that really matter
  • Set goals that bring you joy
  • Understand the power of the written goal
  • Determine the right tracking timeline
  • Break down goals into manageable and fun segments
  • Celebrate goal achievement