Maximizing the Selling Season
How to Get Way More Than Your Fair Share of Sales

MAR 7 @ 9am PST

The Selling Season is upon us, and that means our prospects are in buying moods. Markets around North America are gaining steam.

So how will you take advantage of the seasonal buying surge? How will you get WAY more than your fair share of the sales.

Join Jeff Shore and four industry veterans for fresh insights and next practices that wouldn't have worked just three months ago but are absolutely essential today. Don’t just hit your business plan – CRUSH IT!

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In this webinar, Jeff Shore will show you exactly how to:

  • Shorten your customer's decision cycle and get to the "Yes" much faster.
  • Identify, demonstrate and prove your Unique Value Proposition.
  • Get all the pieces in place for your customers to make a visit one purchase.
  • Combat and counter those pesky price and payment concerns.
  • Build the kind of confidence that is contagious.