Leverage Curiosity to Earn Buyer Trust & Win Sales 
How Starting Your Conversations with Discovery Leads to Quicker Sales!

SEP 6 @ 9am Pacific

What is the recipe for faster sales conversion? How do we get customers to make decisions quicker?

The answer is not found in how you close; it’s all about how you open. And those first minutes in the conversation have to be marked by one thing: curiosity. The best closers are the best openers!

Spend time with Jeff Shore and Ryan Taft - two foremost authorities on the subject - and learn how to make your discovery easy, lucrative, and fun!  


In this webinar, Jeff Shore will show you exactly how to:

  • Evaluate your current early-conversation practices and find opportunities to revamp your discovery. 
  • Adopt simple and easy-to-adapt discovery skills. 
  • Dramatically increase your ability to learn your customer’s unique and valuable stories.
  • Tell better stories for maximum impact throughout the presentation.
  • Discover how to close more effectively by bringing all you’ve learned to the final question.